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Hutton legacy

William F. Hutton (October 5, 1911- July 9, 1988)
Early Life

William Hutton was born in 1911 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His father was offered a job in Los Angeles, so the family moved in 1921. Before Bill could attend college, his father was lost in an accident. Bill decided he needed to work to support his family, and it was around this time that Bill started a tire business. He was very successful until the depression of the 1930’s. He continued to build his tire and parts supply business until he was soon drafted to serve in World War II in 1942. Due to an eye injury, he was not required to serve, but was granted an administrative civilian position. During this time, Bill would come to the rescue of a depleted Army around the world as he carefully designed the supply chain for the Army to utilize. Restarting supply lines in Europe and Asia, Bill would start a new supply business after the war.

Business Life

Supplying governments around the world, while helping to restore war ravaged Europe, Bill would soon begin to diversify into other ventures. From hotel investments and basic commodity trading, Bill secured interests in trade infrastructure around the world. The supply business reached peak revenue 1974. Bill traveled around the world, calling different cities home at various periods of his life. Bill had few hobbies other than work, but followed motor racing events as a sponsor. Bill was mainly involved with helping a few private entries in European Formula 3 enter the race at Monaco.     

Family Life

Bill would later meet Catherine Bagere while working in Belgium in 1948.  They were married until she passed on in 1979 from an extended illness. Bill and Catherine had no children that survived childbirth. 

Final Years

As governments outside of The U.S. turned inward, Bill began to wind down most of the supply business. European contracts were becoming harder to secure, and Japan had enough of an industry to begin to cut-off their American benefactors. Concentrating on investments, Bill sold off The European Hotel Group, and trading operations by 1979.  The Hutton Companies remained the last of the business endeavors of a brilliant businessman. William F. Hutton passed on in 1988 after a short bout with an illness.

Christopher Hutton

Chris the nephew of William, has spent his years in commodities, import/export and sport. After University College, Chris went Hong Kong for a 2 year stint at a customs house. He returned to his home base in Montserrat.  In 1995, Chris relocated to Bermuda, spending time in New York and London while involved in sport. He is currently on the board of an insurance company, customs broker and marina. He has been instrumental in a number of sporting efforts and subsequent funding. Chris carries on today with associates and partners.  

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